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Join us for the next EVOxZANKOU Seminar

September 12
Chen 130

Featuring Joe Ouadah and Matt Pennell

"Evolution of a curious male social behavior in Drosophila”
Joe Ouadah
"Putting the genetics in phylogenetics: using comparative approaches to investigate the genetic bases of phenotypes and how natural selection shapes patterns of gene expression"
Matt Pennell

Thank you to our generous seminar sponson, ZANKOU CHICKEN!


Mark your calender for upcoming EZ Seminars!

October 3, 2024

Frances Arnold
"Innovation by evolution: bringing new chemistry to life"

December 12, 2024

John McCutcheon
"The origins and endpoints of bacterial endosymbiosis"
For this informal talk series, presentation of unpublished or preliminary work is encouraged. This a forum for discussion of ideas and findings, however provisional! If you would like to give a talk at an upcoming EVOxZANKOU Seminar, please use the link sign up! 

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hosted by CES and  USC's CEED 

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