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CES-Funded Projects


David Anderson & Youcef Ouadah (BBE)

Evolution of a curious male social behavior in Drosophila

Zhen Chen (BBE)

Biomechanical adaptations of microtubule structures in mammalian sperm 

Bruce Hay (BBE)

Cleave, Rescue and Ratchet: Can a diploid population be driven to extinction using an engineered version of Muller's ratchet? 

Carlos Lois (BBE)

How does bird domestication regulate the suppression of intrinsic intracellular immunity to retroviruses?

Sarkis Mazmanian & Joseph Boktor (BBE)

A discovery platform for mediators of host-microbe interactions

Lior Pachter (BBE)

Phylogenetic analysis of gene expression based on a biophysical model 

Rob Phillips & Kian Faizi (BBE)

Charting the influence of human activity on marine phosphorus cycling

Julia Tejada (GPS)

Deep-time ecology and evolution of dietary adaptations through fingerprints in dental enamel 

Alex Varshavsky (BBE)

Analyzing evolution of the Arg/N-degron pathway by discovering C. elegans N-terminal amidase

Rebecca Vorhees (BBE)

Evolution of metabolic regulation of mitochondria protein integration 

Yuk Yung, Stuart Bartlett, Elle Chimiak, Josh Goldford & Jiani Yang (GPS)

Using Machine Learning to Uncover the First Proteins



Claire Bucholz & Francois Tissot (GPS)
Uranium in ophiolites as a
record of deep ocean oxygenation

Yuki Oka (BBE)
Jerboaized mouse brain for studying fluid reg

Daniel Wagenaar and Frank Lanfranchi (BBE)
From early mam
mals to modern machines: Tracing the evolution of visual cortex and neural networks

Margaret McFall-Ngai and Vera Beilinson (BBE/Carnegie)
Evolution of Strain Variation Symbiosis in the Squid-Vibrio Model

Jerry Wang, Abdullah Farooq, Matt Thomson (BBE)
The emergence of associations: dissecting learning behavior in ancient unicellular organisms

Alexei Aravin (BBE)
Intragenomic conflicts as drivers of evolution

Michael Dickinson (BBE)
Molecular specializations of the Dipteran wing motor

Bil Clemons (CCE)
An evolutionary foundation for the role of Get3d in photosynthesis

David Glover (BBE)
Evolution of the BBSome complex in the Diverse Visual Systems of Insects and Vertebrates



Victoria Orphan (GPS)

Comparative analysis of molecular adaptation mechanisms in Archaea

Mary Kennedy (BBE)

Evolution of the synaptic protein synGAP and its potential relationship to emergence of the vertebrate postsynaptic density

Elizabeth Hong (BBE)

Evolutionary diversification of antennal form and function in phorid flies

Thanos Siapas (BBE)

Comparative analysis of hippocampal activity in mice and Octodon degus

Pamela Bjorkman (BBE)

Exploration of evolutionary relationships of sarbecoviruses with mosaic nanoparticle immunization

Jared Leadbetter (GPS/EAS)

Comparative Genomic and Ultrastructural Analyses of Surface Features in Distinct Lineages of Manganese Chemolithoautotrophs

Marianne Bronner (BBE)

Building bridges: Comparative analysis of spinal cord regenerative ability from basal vertebrates to amniotes

Woody Fischer (GPS)

Directed evolution of ‘ancient’ Cyanobacteria to study the past, present, and future of biological carbon fixation


Alex Sessions (GPS)

Adaptations of algae to the increasing oxygen levels during the Earth history

Paul Sternberg (BBE)

Molecular genetics of Steinernema hermaphroditum

Matilde Marcolli (PMA/EAS)

New geometric methods for the study of language evolution

Carlos Lois & Michael Dickinson (BBE)

The Molecular Origins of Brain Laterality

Christian Frankenberg (GPS)

Evolution of sustainable living in modern times

Lea Goentoro (BBE)

Making Drosophila regenerate limb

Shuki Bruck (EAS)

Predicting Evolution – The SARS-Cov-2 Story

Alexei Aravin (BBE)

Chasing the Red Queen: co-evolution of piRNAs and their target genes

Michael Elowitz (BBE)

Evolutionary expansion of ligand-receptor computation in the BMP pathway

Francois Tissot (GPS)

U isotopes in shark teeth: A sharper picture of ancient marine anoxia?

Victoria Orphan (GPS)

Co-evolution of genome organization and its hijacking at the Archaea-eukaryote boundary

Bruce Hay (BBE)

Engineered gene drive in plants


Michael Dickinson (BBE)

Evolution of the Dipteran Flight Motor

Elliot Meyerowitz (BBE)

Evolution of an alternative form of life

Rob Phillips & Victoria Orphan (BBE/GPS)

Evolution of the Regulatory Genome

Yuki Oka (BBE)

Evolutional Adaptation of Ingestive Behaviors

Carlos Lois (BBE)

Syntax as an exaptation of neuronal redundancy

Marianne Bronner (BBE)

Acquisition of enteric glia during the course of vertebrate evolution

Francois Tissot (GPS)

Did the extinction of the G. newtonii and other megafauna coincide with human arrival into Australia >65 to 45 ka?

David Anderson (BBE)

Immediate early gene responses and neuronal subtype evolution in a jellyfish

Bil Clemons (CCE)

The evolution of tail-anchored membrane protein targeting

Joe Kirschvink (GPS)

Evolutionary divergence in the use of geomagnetic cues by native speakers of English vs. Gurindji

Lior Pachter (BBE)

Comparative genomics infrastructure for evolutionary studies

Matt Thomson (BBE)

Reconstituting the evolution of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton in active matter 


José Andrade (EAS)

Unearthing the Ant Tunnel Algorithm 


Frances Arnold (CCE)

Experimental evolution of tryptophan synthase: mapping and learning from fitness landscapes

Kaihang Wang (BBE)

Escherichia coli Genome Minimization

Woody Fischer (GPS)

Energetic tradeoffs and the accumulation of taxonomic and ecological diversity: Budgeting the bivalve shell

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