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CES Events

Join us for the next EVOxZANKOU Seminar

June 6, 12-1:15 pm, Chen 130

Please mark your calendars for June 6, September 12, October 3, November 14 and December 12 so you can join us to learn about evolutionary research happening here at Caltech.
We are still building our roster of speakers. For this informal talk series, presentation of unpublished or preliminary work is encouraged. This a forum for discussion of ideas and findings, however provisional! If you would like to give a talk at an upcoming EVOxZANKOU Seminar, please sign up below! 

Annual SCalE Meeting hosted by CESxCEED

May 31,8-5
Chen 100
Note: Registration is now closed.
Click here for event info


2023 SCalE Meeting, UC Irvine

CES is partnering with CEED (USC's Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics) to host the 2024 SCalE (Southern California Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics) Meeting. Join us for an engaging gathering that will showcase the expertise of evolutionary scientists from Southern California. The event will include three keynote speeches, short talks, lightning talks, and an open poster session!

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